TWK with TWR

TWK means I am a Third World Kid.  TWR means since I was raised outside USA in military circumstances, thus known as Military Brat, I wanted to expound a bit about my religious origins.  I guess Christian fits me, although I have exposure to Buddhism, Shinto, the denominations of Christianity, Native American belief sets, and recently Mormonism, although to me that is Christianity with a different narrative.  My mother preferred her Episcopalian heritage, my father while they say community church, is really more Pentecostal.  And I have been baptized a few times because my emotions did respond to the ‘come on up’ plea of whatever pastor/preacher at whatever christian church I was attending, ie, Methodist, Baptist, Community Church, Jehovah’s Witness, Episcopal and more recently Mormon or Latter Day Saints or whatever the most recent name change the Church wants to call their members.  We, my husband and I attend a Universalist Unitarian church or U.U. as they call themselves.

Okinawa base family photo

A photo of our family taken by my mother at base we lived at in Okinawa. Machinato.


So where am with religion?   Safest to have once said I was Christian through my teen and young adult years.  Along the pathway to senior adult years, I have sought out ‘truths’ in religion theology only to be thwarted time and time again trying to follow a narrative that suggests belief in a supernatural or invisible divinity called God.  Since the very word, God, creates division, diversion and trauma, as well as my own perceptions about the meaning of the word, and there have been, continue to be gods, I think it is fairly safe for me to settle on the word Divinity – somewhere, something, somehow in the universe there seems to be a ‘something’ poorly yet often described by the label people or tribes of people choose to call themselves.  I prefer I think, the natural order, and as I study that out, Divinity comes to mind as in hard to imagine that randomness reflects what seems to have some order to it.

Reluctance on my part to swing too far in the labeling, ie, atheist or agnostic, or even christian, I am traveling to an internal beat that resists any kind of labeling, which makes it difficult to do prayer, since I really do not know to whom am I praying, or if not whom, then what.  Trusting my instincts, trusting my emotion, trusting my intuitions, trusting my feelings, I react to the sacredness, serenity, and confidence ascribed to the large degree of belief sets I have encountered along the timeline of my life’s path.



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